Triangle Swim School

Adult Classes

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Level 1

This class is designed to introduce the inexperienced or fearful adult to the water. The objective of this course is to help students to feel and become more comfortable in the water.

Students will learn how to put their face in the water, front and back float, and build their confidence in the water. They will also learn the proper flutter kick technique for front and back.

Level 2

This class is for adults who are comfortable in the water but do not have proper technique, find themselves struggling, or are rapidly exhausted.

We will review proper body position for front and back float, and proper flutter kick technique for front and back.

Students will learn correct freestyle and backstroke arms, and will be introduced to proper breathing technique for freestyle.

Level 3

This course is designed for the adult who has mastered both the freestyle and backstroke.

We will briefly review freestyle and backstroke. Emphasis will be on more advanced strokes.

Students will learn butterfly, elementary backstroke, and breaststroke arms. They will also be introduced to the breaststroke kick. Mastery of breaststroke will probably take an additional session to complete.

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