Triangle Swim School

Track-Out Summer Classes

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For the first time ever Triangle Swim School will be hosting track-out summer classes. These classes will follow our same award winning teaching curriculum. But with a different structure that we think is even better suited to summer swimming! 

Classes will be 1 hour long and will meet 2 times per week. Either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. These classes will meet for a 3 week track out period as listed below. 

Track 1. 6/12-6/30

Track 2. 7/10-7/28

Track 3. 7/31-8/18

You can enroll in multiple sessions but cannot mix and match weeks (must do session 1,2, or 3).


Classes will have a 3 to 1 ratio of students to coaches.


Level 1. Beginners, learning safety strokes and freestyle 

Level 2. Learning Backstroke and starting Butterfly

Level 3. Learning Butterfly and Breaststroke

Level 4. Experienced swimmers learning advanced technique  


$325 for the 1 track-out session

Multi-family discount (15%) if currently enrolled in 3 or more current classes (does not apply if one of the 3 classes is on hold)

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